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Ashleigh DeWeese

The art of dancing brings so much positivity, connection and playfulness into people’s lives! Ashleigh DeWeese has a passion to share such experiences through ballroom dancing as a caring dedicated instructor and driven professional performer and competitor.

Ashleigh has been teaching dance professionally since 2009. She is DVIDA certified with high honors in 14 dance styles in American Smooth, Rhythm, Nightclub 2 Step and Salsa. She is known for her flavor, attitude and sass in Salsa & Bachata as she has competed and performed in the US and Canada for 3 years. Even though salsa will always have a special place in her heart Ashleigh has decided to change her focus and expand her professional training in American Smooth. She is expected to be out in the competition circuit dancing Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz starting August 2016.

Ashleigh loves to perform and entertain but her real passion lies in her day to day connections she makes with her clients through dance. Everyone has different dance goals and she takes great pride to make those goals a reality while even opening the client’s eyes to discovering unknown ones. Through her competitive students Ashleigh has received a Top Female Teacher Award and her students have received numerous Top Male Student awards.

Owning a business has always been a dream of Ashleigh’s since she was a teenager and she was excited to marry the dream with her passion in 2012. The business is about our dancers, creating a place of discovery and making connections. Footnotes has really grown into an amazing and supportive dance community in Ann Arbor and she is excited to see where this journey takes us from here.